Since 1962, our company has manufactured the World's Finest and most innovative line of bingo markers. The year 2000 was noted as a year of changes and Clarence J Venne, LLC was not excluded from this turnabout. Beginning in the Spring of 2000, we launched an exciting, brand new line of school and craft products into the retail market. These school and craft products utilize the same bottle and applicator technology that has made our bingo markers world famous. Our no mess, no waste, no leak applicator allows the user to maximize the use of our products without the hassle of leaking containers that waste product.

Along with our unique line of school and craft products, we have also expanded our line of glue products for use in the home and office. These glue products were engineered to be non-toxic and safe for use by children. They employ the same applicator technology, preventing spills and waste while maximizing product use.

Please accept our invitation to browse our site and check out all of our new offerings. Check back with us periodically, as we will be adding new products continuously throughout the year. As always, if there are any specific questions about any of our products, you may e-mail us at customer service. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.

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